Chiropractic methods offer great ways to treat a multitude of ailments. Not only does chiropractic care work, but the treatments are non-invasive, safe, and drug-free. Even though chiropractors treat a variety of conditions, you might be wondering what chiropractic methods work best for what. The following ailments are among the most commonly treated conditions by chiropractors with the best results:

Back Pain

One of the most common complaints of chiropractic patients is that they are suffering from back pain. An excellent treatment provided by Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness is soft tissue therapy for back pain. Many studies have been conducted on chiropractic care in regards to how effective treatments are for relieving back pain; soft tissue therapy is one of the more effective methods in treating people suffering from back pain. If you are suffering from back pain and looking for a chiropractor in Selden, contact us to make an appointment!

Neck Pain

Another extremely common complaint of chiropractic patients is neck pain.

One excellent method in treating neck pain is cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation and relieve pain that you may be experiencing. This therapy can be used on patients who suffer from acute and chronic conditions of neck pain and can help speed up the healing process.


Headaches are another frequently reported symptom that chiropractors can treat. Many time they are caused by poor posture and putting too much stress on our head and neck area. One recommended strategy to help patients who suffer from headaches is to use the Active Release Technique. The Active Release Technique will help reduce the tension that is causing the headaches, help to create better posture, and help strengthen your neck to limit headaches from occuring in the future. Suffering from headaches? Our chiropractor in Selden can resolve this problem area quickly and permanently with the use of the ART technique.

Herniated Disc

Herniated disc pain is another frequent and common symptom that chiropractors can help treat. The Cox Flexion-Distraction method is a good way to give quick relief from herniated disc-related pain. This method helps with improving range of motion in the joints and muscles and increases flexibility. By using the Cox Flexion-Distraction method, our chiropractor in Selden will be able to focus on naturally healing your discomfort.

Chiropractic care can help treat a number of different ailments. These chiropractic methods are safe and relatively pain-free ways to help treat whatever pain you may be dealing with. At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness we offer a wide range of services to aid your discomfort. Make sure to schedule an appointment with us today!