Back pain is a problem that many people have experienced in our modern era. Between all of the strain we put on our backs from the activities we do to the places we go and even the places we sit; it’s surprising how much our spines can take on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the spine can’t handle all of this stress for long. For many people, back pain can be a frustrating issue that keeps them from participating in their everyday life. Luckily enough at Block Chiropractic Sports and Wellness, our physical therapist in Selden can help alleviate your pain or discomfort, and help you prevent such pain in the future!

When it comes to trying to alleviate pain or discomfort in your back, our physical therapists recommend stretching as a means to ease the tension and stress that has been impacting the spine. Some of these stretches include:

  • Child’s Pose: This stretch is performed during yoga and is done to ease the tension in your lower back.
  • Lower-Back Twist: This stretch also helps to relieve the tension that can build in the lower-back, as well as in your glutes.
  • Pelvic Tilt: This stretch allows you to regain some movement in your hips. Your hips tend to tense up with lower back pain, which can result in a loss in mobility.  

Now, what about trying to prevent back pain in general? Although the solutions to alleviating existing pain are numerous, many people are unaware that there are also plenty of changes you can make at home to prevent back pain or discomfort. Our physical therapist in Selden offers fantastic advice when it comes to preventing back pain, including:

  • If you’re sitting for an extended duration, make sure you take breaks to stretch.
  • Avoid slouching soldiers, try to limit the sessions you spend on your phone or computer.
  • Work on good posture, which can help reduce overall strain on your spine.
  • Achieving a healthy weight can help reduce the amount of stress placed on your spine.
  • Make sure to utilize proper techniques when lifting heavy objects.

If you’re still feeling the aches and pain brought about from back discomfort, talk to our physical therapist in Selden today to see how we can help you!