Do you find yourself constantly fighting through headaches, back pain, and muscle fatigue throughout your workday? If so, you may be feeling the effects of your own bad posture habits, and we urge you to make an appointment at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness to speak with a chiropractor in Selden about getting the help you need.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Bad Posture

At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, we take pride in treating our patients from the inside out by providing them with the knowledge and tools to maintain healthy lifestyles long after they leave our office. When you meet with a chiropractor in Selden about correcting your bad posture, they will ask you to describe your sitting, standing, and sleeping habits; as these factors have most likely contributed to your posture being at this critical point. Fortunately, our years of experience have taught us that the vast majority of posture issues can be corrected with time and determination on the part of the patient.

Following a discussion with a chiropractor in Selden about your bad-posture-forming habits, they may offer any of the following as potential solutions:

  • Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor, and utilize proper back support while sitting.
  • Stand with your shoulders pulled backwards, and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Be sure to sleep on a mattress that you find particularly comfortable, and avoid sleeping on your stomach whenever possible.
  • Never stay in one position for a prolonged period of time.
  • Add exercises such as reverse shoulder shrugs and repetitive chin tucks to your regular workout routine in order to improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Additionally, keep in mind that starting your journey towards good posture with a chiropractic adjustment is never a bad idea. We are prepared with a number of cutting-edge techniques that can get you feeling better than ever before; one of them being chiropractic biophysics (CBP). This unique technique is offered by only 7% of chiropractors and is proven to improve posture by focusing on the structural remodeling of the spine. The development of the chiropractic biophysics technique is based around analyzing spinal mechanics and the effects of stress and strain on the back; as well as average body alignments. CBP does not only relieve pain associated with poor posture, but it actually changes the alignment of your body.

Our chiropractor in Selden can use CBP to highlight your optimal posture and spine alignment.

How to Get In Touch with Us

We at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness understand the important role that your posture plays in your ability to lead a productive workday. We are committed to improving your productivity in whatever ways we can. Contact us today to get in touch with a chiropractor in Selden who is ready to help you break your bad posture habits, and get you living a happier, healthier life than you ever thought possible.